Esmeralda’s Garden Oasis

Esmeralda’s Garden Oasis is a family owned tree and flower nursery business.  Our mission is to make the world a greener place to live one tree at a time.  We recognize trees and flowers are vital for our clean air, oxygen, and most importantly survival.

The dream of leaving the world a better place than we found it has yet but vanished.  With all the competition and greed of corporations destroying and populating our earth if we don’t start doing something now there will be nothing to leave behind.  As a parent I have made it my mission to put life back into the dream and be able to say to my children that the world I left is better than as found it.

We as a community cannot fight big corporate greed entities which cause harm to our environment and beat them at their own game, but what we can do is fight them by planting a simple tree or a flower today witch will help combat and overpower the harmful effects.

Even though we are listed as for profit business we consider ourselves more as a nonprofit.  With our profits being dispersed back into building a sustainable healthier ecosystem.   We only take from our proceeds whatever is necessary to sustain the business model of providing trees and flowers to the community.  The rest goes towards helping to care and nourish Mother Earth.  We are affiliated with global nonprofits improvement groups such as Green Peace. We also donate hundreds of trees hundreds of trees each year in our community